Save time by creating a Self Checkout and and eliminate Inventory responsibilities

In Destiny Help, there is an excellent section concerning how to create a Self Checkout for your library.  Search for self-checkout and view the article called Setting up a self -checkout.Using a similar method as described in the article, you can create a new Access Level called something like Inventory Input with the only permission checked would be Inventory library collection under the Library Materials Tab.  Log in to a laptop on a cart with an attached scanner with a user that has this access and let a student(s) go through the shelves.   Another method is to get a portable scanner that can create a file of barcodes, let student(s) go through the shelf with it, and upload the file after they have finished a section.  Follett Software Company also sells the Follett Panther that can do the inventory in real time.If anyone has any other ideas of utilizing the Access Levels to save time, I would love to hear about it.

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