A New Experience from our eBooks and FollettShelf

On September 21, the new FollettShelf and eBook Reader will be coming out.  With these improvements, my previous posts about types of eBooks to purchase has expanded to include anything that supports your program.  Here are just a few of the features:

  • New support for reading on small devices (smartphones and smaller tablet devices)
  • Reflowable text
  • A simpler checkout process and new support for holds
  • New notebook functions that allow patrons to continue to access notes even after eBooks are
  • returned, take notes across books, and support project-based learning
  • Offline/download improvements that make it easier for students and staff to use your content
  • anywhere at any time
  • • Resource links will be available from each eBook to allow the student to easily discover other
  • related digital content

This all comes with no subscriptions or minimum purchase.

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