Why Choose Follett eBooks

If you compare our offerings with other options, we most likely represent all of the publishers that they carry as well as a whole lot more.  We have over 100,000 eBooks and most of them are non-fiction.  In addition, you can use the tools in Titlewave to get exactly what you want and we have lists that have been compiled by experts.  These lists would not favor any one or several publishers.  Our eBooks are a one-time purchase and the school owns the book.  That means there are no subscriptions and if the publisher changes the terms of use, then it would not affect any previous purchases. 

We have apps for iPads and Android tablets and the eBooks can be access through browser so many different devices can access them.  We also have tools:  Text to Speech, Highlighting, Note Taking, Dictionary, Copying and Printing. 

Looking at other competitors, here are some general advantages of FollettShelf: 

1.     All of our eBooks can be download to tablets and iPads.  In addition, most can be downloaded to a computer.  In addition, all can be read on-line so no additional software is needed just to read the books.  Most competitors have it so you can either download it or read it on-line, but not both.

2.    Follett eBooks have one standard interface no matter where or how you are accessing them.  Some competitors have a different interface depending on the publisher.

3.    Follett eBooks can be simply read online without logging in or checking it out so that once it is closed on the device, it is immediately available to others to access.

4.    Follett eBooks can also be checked out with a circulation time completely controlled by the librarian and the can be checked back in by the user before the circulation time is over.  Most others do not allow the early check in which would make the eBook inaccessible for a longer period of time.  Also, the competition’s circulation time may be fixed or need to be changed through the company.

5.    Follett sells two types of eBooks 1-1 where only one person can access it at a time and Unlimited Simultaneous Access eBooks (USA) where there is no restriction.

In order to access the eBooks, we give the school a free browser eBook manager called FollettShelf.  Also, you would get the MARC records for the books to put into your library system.  Students here can create reviews and you can generate reports on usage as well as determine the circulation period and any restrictions that you would like.  For example, if you only want 5th graders access to certain eBooks that is possible.  

In addition, on the FollettShelf, we can add access to other digital content that we sell.  First are some interactive eBooks such as Lerner, ABDO Interactive Books and ABDO eBoost all of which are unlimited simultaneous accessed.  These are a one time purchase.  We also have Catalist Digital which are audiobooks that can be streamed on the computer or downloaded to a smart device.  These are a one time purchase.

The FollettShelf can house any subscription services that we offer so all your online resourse are access in one place.  Here is a link to the ones that we currently have:  http://www.titlewave.com/intro/digital/index.html.  You can get a free trial of any of the items that I mentioned.


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