Ipad Digital Reader

Here is what I would currently recommend if your school has class sets of iPads (This may change in the future so please contact me)

For younger children, create usernames and logins for each of the iPads on the FollettShelf and log the iPad user into to the reader app.  This way when anyone opens the app, they can easily get more eBooks on the iPad.  The only issue for this is that they will not be able to create individual notes and bookmarks for each book since it is a general login.  If they wanted to do reviews they could but they would not have their name appear, which is probably a good thing.

Older children could access the books using the method above, but if they have their own login, they can log into the reader app and get books.  They could then take notes if they are reading the book in the reader online (not downloaded).  These notes will be available any time that they access the book again and the books that they checked out on the iPad online can be accessed by them on computers as well as their notes and bookmarks.

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