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Dewey or Don’t We

Friday, October 12th, 2012

There is an interesting article in School Library Journal’s October 2012 edition on the growing number schools that are ditching Dewey for categories.  (I think it makes those “You May Also Like” suggestions being close to one another.

Suggestions for eBooks

Friday, August 3rd, 2012


 Here are some examples of eBooks for your school.  When the HTML reader comes out, this list can be expanded to include popular fiction titles.

eBook Materials Elementary with examples:

  • Picture Books (Raven by Gerald McDermott)
  •  Story Books (First Day Jitters and Last Day Blues both by Julie Denneberg)
  • Reference Materials (Sorting the Elements the Story of the Periodic Table by Ian Barber)
  • Nonfiction (What Do You Do With a Tail Like This by Steve Jenkins)
  • Poetry (Swirl Spirals in Nature by Joyce Sidman)
  • High Interest (Ex. Eew! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff in Your Body By Pam Rosenberg and Technically, It’s Not My Fault Concrete Poems by John Grandits)
  • Graphic Novels (The Salem Witch Trials by Joeming W Dunn and The Legend of Hong Kil Dong, the Robin Hood of Korea by Anne Sibley O’Brien and Attack of the mutant lunch lady by Scott Nickel)

 eBook Materials Secondary with examples:

  • Novels used in Classroom (Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare (Yes you could access this in Gutenberg but our reader allows for individual notes/bookmarks.)
  • Support for Classroom Novels (Bloom’s How to Write About Shakespeare’s Comedies by Paul Gleed and Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice by David Nicol)
  • Reference Materials (Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds by Phillip Manning and the Encyclopedia of World Religions)
  • Poetry  (My Own True Name New and Selected Poems for Young Adults by Pat Mora)
  • High Interest (Michael Jackson King of Pop by Pratt, Mary K and Monsters of Mystery by Hamilton, Sue L.)
  • Graphic Novels (Yummy the Last Days of a Southside Shorty by Neri, Greg and Shakespeare’s Hamlet the Manga Edition by Sexton, Adam)

State Standards Anyone?

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

In Titlewave, besides the Essentials and Literacy Trends there is a link for State Standards.  However, this is turned off by default for international customers.  I believe that this is a great place to find materials to support your curriculum. For example, if your school uses the International Baccalaureate framework, look at how this lines up with the U.S. National Standards for Social Studies:

  International Baccalaureat U.S. National Standards

Who we are I. Culture III. People, Places, & Environments

Where we are in place and time II. Time, Continuity, & Change

How we express ourselves IV. Individual Development & Identity

How the world works VII. Production, Distribution, & Consumption  VIII. Science,Technology,& Society

How we organize ourselves V. Individuals, Groups, & Institutions VI. Power, Authority, & Governance

Sharing the planet IX. Global Connections X. Civic Ideals & Practices 

You can go directly to this list in Titlewave by clicking on the link and logging in (use the drill down option):


If you would like access to this link in your Titlewave, please contact your sales representative from Follett.