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Featured Destiny Site

Friday, March 4th, 2011

We’re starting a new feature on the blog, highlighting a Destiny site we think other Destiny users may want to see. Thank you to Katie Day for alerting us to the videos added onto Sarah Torrible’s Destiny site at the Canadian International School in Singapore!

You can see the videos, highlighting each of the Red Dot award nominated books, on Sarah’s site.

To embed a Youtube video on your Destiny homepage, follow these steps:

1) Go to Youtube and find the video you’d like to embed. Click on “Embed” under the video and copy the embed code.

2) Go to your Destiny site and log in. Click “edit page” on the home page, click the edit button next to “Introductory Text” and paste the embed code where you’d like to include it on the page (for example, if you’d like it at the top, place the code above all other text).

3) Enjoy your handiwork!

Please see this tip from Katie Day (who will be featured in a future Featured Destiny Site), below:

“By choosing to embed the code and then un-clicking the “include related videos” option — you don’t have those annoying and potentially inappropriate suggestions of other videos being displayed on the screen at the end, as you get when you play videos from the YouTube site directly.”

 What are you doing on your Destiny site that you’d like to share? Do you know another librarian who’s doing something exciting on their site? Email me,, to be featured on a future Featured Destiny Site.