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Why choose FollettShelf?

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Here are some items about Follett eBooks that set them apart from the rest:

1.    With our eBooks there are no contracts or any need to pay hosting fees.  Our FollettShelf is free so you pay for content only and are not tied to annual hosting fee. Schools also get MARC records so that the eBooks can be accessed through your OPAC.  When you purchase at least one eBook from us, the school gets the FollettShelf.  Some eBooks cost as little as US$1.  (Librarians get a full preview of the book so they can make sure that it is a quality resource.)

2.    Students can return the book early regardless of the circulation time so they can be made available sooner.

3.    Our eBooks have the option to be read/checked out online so you are not stuck on one device to access them.

4.    Our eBooks can be available anywhere.  We do not limit access to personal/nonschool computers/devices.

5.    The librarian can choose which student has access to which eBooks.

6.    Access to our eBooks is controlled by the school on their school FollettShelf.  We do not use Adobe ID that requires students to provide an personal email address to the company which some schools do not approve of.

7.    We also offer unlimited simultaneous accessed eBooks so the many users can access a book at one time.